A calndar of Fruits.
Bangkok is fortunate to have a variety of fruits coming in and out of season throughout three year and a number,
such as bananas(gluay),oranges(som),pomelos(som-o)and watermelons (Taeng mo),that are available year round. Three are over 100 varieties of banana,which are eaten fried,boiled,roasted,and raw.
Water melons are small but seductively sweet and juicy.Pomelos are often mistaken for grapefruits,but their sweet juics soothe on a hot Bangkok day.
Any fruit that can be peeled is a great street snack. Here's what to look for in different seasons:
March -June:Papaya (malagaw).Especially tasty after the advent of the sot season.Thais like to squeeze lime juice on them to add a bit of tang.Shredded papya is the main ingredient in somtam,a fiery salad popular in the northeast.

Murch -July : Sapodilla (lamood).A surprisingly sweet,soft pulp fruit eateen peeled or halved and sampleed with a spoon.Beware of the black seeds

April-May :Lichee(linchee). Only a decade ago,this small fruit with its thin,hard shell was regarded as sour and unpalatable.It is now grown to nearly twice it's former size and sweetness.Resembling,the rambutan,the whitish flesh conceals a big black seed.

April-June:Mango(manuang).Mangoes have yellow flesh which is sweet,often borderingg on tart.There are many ways of serving them but the old standard khao niew mamuang(mango and sticky rice)reigns supreme.They enjoy a strange relationship with the durian:if it is a good year for mangoes,the durian crop will be bad and vice versa.Durian.The durian is either hated or loved.The most expensive of thai fruits,it is recognized by its hedgehog skin,the heavenly aroma (or disgusting stench to some) of its flesh,and by the rather mushy consistency of its meat.Try it in a coconut milk sauce on sticky rice.The durian has a reputation for producing gas,but it is a small price to pay .Persevere and you will be rewarded.

April-July:Pineapple(saparot).Thailand is a top exporter of tinned pineapple and for ood reason: its pineapples are sweet,with low acidity.Thais eat it sliced and garnished with a little salt and ground chilies which.odd as it sounds,enhance its natural sweetness.

August-September:Jackfruit(khanoon).Dividing this fruit into its myriad sections is best left to the experts.The yellow sections resemble buttercup blossoms,are waxy-textured and semi-sweet.

Auggust-October:Langsard. A slightly bitter fruit that breeaks into sections like garlic cloves. Magosteen(mangkut)The hard red shell conceals pulpy sections that ooze with sweetness.A favorite thai game is to ask visitores to guss the number of sections it contains without breaking it open.(count the number of "petals" in the woody flower on the bottom of the fruit.)

October-February:Green plum(putsa).Shaped like a plum,putsas resemble green apples in color and pulp texture.

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