Thailand's agricultural sector produces about a thousand tonnes of Ginger each year .
The plant grows extensively in the North especially in the mountains.

Thai people, at large, are proficient in producing agriculture with about 90 % produced by the hill tribes who account for less than 10% of the population. (This company ensures that the Hill Tribes are paid a fair wage for their work)

The ginger grows best in recently cleared areas area where export quality ginger is produced.

This high quality Ginger requires skillfull preparation and a high degree of proficiency
by the farmer's responsible gained through generations of valuable experience. The Ginger is then transported from the farm to factory where they are cleaned and packaged

When Ginger is fully grown it must have a dry flower and be free from disease. to ensure this they must be carefully looked after and monitored from the time

they are planted until they are dug up from the ground.
Mature Ginger grows in long furrows.

Carefully following these furrows and carefully digging will decrease damage to the root.
Exposing the Ginger Root makes it easier to remove. It can be broken into manageable sections that are easy to lift from the earth.
Mature Ginger should weigh atleast 3kg.
After the Ginger is taken from the ground it is placed into palstic containers to ensure they remain fresh for a maximum length of time.

It also ensures that the Ginger doesn't diminish in weight (while transaportation to cool storage)
After cleaning the ginger with water it is blended with a fungus protection liquor and then the skin is waxed so the ginger will not lose weight or begin to rot.

Ginger from Thailand is noticably distinguishable from other ginger by its plumpness, roundness and by the joints that are not too long.
when ginger get dry so take ginger to polish and take off skin brown dry will make ginger look nice skin same as Gold we call Gold Ginger .

after that have to Packing in caton most commonly have packing about 13 kg./10 kg./5 kg so up to customer order When the Ginger has dried it is peeled and polished so as to make the golden coloured ginger known as Gold Ginger. Once that is complete, ginger is then packaged into cartons of 5, 10 or 13 kg or what ever the customer desires.
The produce is then ready for export and takes
about 25-30 days to be shipped to Europe.

The duration taken to reach the airport or port for export is also kept to the minimum so that quality and freshness is maximised.

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